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Your Therapist

Your Therapist

Jodie Pendergast

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Natural medicine tailored to you

Classical Yoga Acharya

Classical Yoga Acharya

Jodie is a teacher in the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Lineage.

Patented Herbal Prescriptions

Patented Herbal Prescriptions

Herbal medicine for alternative therapy in acute and chronic disease.

Yoga Acharya

Yoga Acharya

Private and group classes available.

Your Therapist

Jodie Gillam-Pendergast

Yoga Therpist & Educator, Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner

BHSc Musculoskeltal Therapy,

M AppSc (Acu),

M AppSci Candidature. (CHM), Dip RM, Yoga Acharya

“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”Brihadaranyaka Upanishad IV.4.5

Historically, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine used the patient's constitution, season of occurrence, lifestyle habits, signs and symptom presentation to formulate differential diagnoses and treatment plan.  This observational approach spans thousands of centuries and dynasties before the advent of modern diagnostic methods or an understanding of physiology and pharmacology at a molecular level.


Where today we would present to the radiologist to magically see what was happening inside the body;  5000 years ago a traditional doctor would measure the "Qi" or life force of the patient to assess the severity of a disease using precise observation of the breath, pulse, tongue, temperature, skin colour, location of pain (among other indicators) as the diagnostic imaging technique. 


Today we still use these same "vital signs" with more accurate instruments and machines, however the premise of life-force and life preservation is fundamentally the same today as ever.  

Now just as traditional medicine folklore has been dismissed it has also been enhanced and validated with the scientific method.  So too, modern medicine has begun to return to the evaluation of the whole organism as opposed to a symptom control method.


Modern "Functional Medicine" has it's evolution in returning to the same principles of multi-system, lifestyle/habit modification, environmental factors and patient constitution analysis that Traditional Chinese Medicine has used for thousands of years. 

I personally do not sit in any camp of  Natural v Western. If you are"anti-medicine" or (anti anything) I am not the practitioner for you. Often the link between getting better and keeping well can be hidden in both your GP and Specialist rooms and a complementary/allied health clinic.  I am of the opinion that if a natural intervention is attainable and will improve long term health it should be the principle treatment method.  Surgical and pharmaceutical intervention should be delayed as long as possible when appropriate, and implemented immediately when indicated.

With experience in many settings I hope to offer my clients not just a treatment, but a plan for realistic outcomes aligned with ones goals. I draw from my own skills and supplement  with referral to appropriate medical and allied health practitioners when needed. People are complex...

My previous Acupuncture research major at RMIT focused on complex musculoskeletal pain (specifically Fibromyalgia) and the comparative effectiveness of Acupuncture, Physical Therapy and Talk Based Therapy for reducing pain and improving quality of life. (Acupuncture is statistically effective you'll be pleased to know!). My current research emphasis investigates interactions between pharmacologic and phyto-chemicals and the interactions with glucocorticoid metabolism, absorption and elimination. 


Explaining the processes of "sub-clinical" disease and how our habits form our manifesto is a keen interest and area of creative writing I explore. I aim to empower my clients to take control of the things they still have control of before subclinical becomes irreversible disease and disability. I stumble frequently in my own quest for health and to lead by example, but am driven by the benefits of healthy choices and the impact such choices have on my health, family and the environment.

I have worked in complementary health beginning as a Remedial Massage/Myotherapist (MST) Since 2000 working in both private practice and multi-modality settings. Other past jobs include; Yoga Studio Owner, Founder of The Movement Prescription, Medical Administrator in private practice and hospital settings and a lecturer at Endeavour College of Natural Health. I have studied and practiced Yoga extensively in India, hosted retreats in Bali and Australia and have established and owned Source Yoga studio for 8 years and continue to offer community based classes. I also offer customised retreats and training programmes for NDIS patients, child-care centres and women's health centres.  I have an extensive network of clinician's whom I work closely with when your condition is beyond my scope or whom may be better suited to your needs.


When not "hyper-focused" at work my energy is scattered between running late, offending strangers (and sometimes friends) with tactless humour and politically incorrect debates on ethics and philosophy, forgetting to return SMS/phone calls/emails, losing car keys & attempting to manage the many logistics of home-life with my husband and equally over-committed children.  My downtime = walking my delightful best friend & border collie whilst listening to geeky podcasts, being bossed by 2 cats and ordering take-out at anytime of the day.

HARI OM TAT SAT. (Speak your Truth)

Jodie is AHPRA registered Acupuncturist, Member of the Chinese Medicine Board Australia & Massage and Myotherapy Australia. Health Fund provider to most major health funds and open to NDIS clients with musculoskeletal and neurological disability. You can follow her @the.naturalperiod.dr.

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