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Our Vision; Founder Dr Jodie (Jyoti) Gillam-Pendergast

The Movement Prescription is the movement towards better health and Translational Health Care. 

Sirsasana headstand, Yoga
Jodie Gillam-Pendergast

The movement Prescriptions 3 tiers through a salutogenic approach to health:

Reproductive Health, Musculoskeletal Health & Biochemical Homeostasis

Reproductive and hormonal health: - Working toward Improving outcomes of birth control, conception, and post reproductive life through educating minds, moving bodies and finding alternatives to synthetic hormone replacement when applicable. Educating men about their genitourinary health and how lifestyle choices affect their fertility and also their metabolic health. 

The Movement Prescription also has a passion for preserving our musculoskeletal health:- As a health practitioner of 20 years, I have seen the difference that being able to do "normal" things like get up and down off the floor to play with one's kids, or service the car; to becoming unable to do such things as the sequale to many chronic health issues. 

My approach emphasises the maintaining of normal joint mechanics and proprioception in all of my clients, no matter what the condition they present with. Yoga based movement therapy & Chinese Doaist theory are the main tools I use to help people renovate their health. 

Biomedical Homeostasis:- This is big reno!!! When we are severely out of balance management of primary and secondary conditions are necessary which often requires the building and management of a health care team that is specific to your needs. Using Traditional and Evidence based investigations to help you find the metabolic, functional and sometimes genetic issues that need to be addressed. In such an approach, collaboration with your medical and specialist providers is paramount. I can help you with developing open and transparent communication with all of your health care providers to navigate the often disconnected paths of medical intervention and wellness/prevention.

This project is still evolving through the experience, practice and teaching in the field of Natural Health for 20 + years this profile is still under construction... like it's owner.

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