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Recalibrate your inner compass! 


JULY 12 - 14 2024 in the Gwinganana Basin in Northern NSW.


Explore a variety of yoga styles and practices, 3 delicious vegetarian, whole food meals daily & expert educational workshops that will nourish your mind. 

The retreat offers you the space to find your physical alignment AND CALIBRATE YOUR INNER COMPASS.

Learn tips from "THE WAY " of Traditional Taoist Medicine.   Our skilled Yoga teachers demonstrate how to align our existence with our own nature, phase of life & constitution, within nature or the changing seasons of the natural world. 

Endless Journey


UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE – Our words are vibration and carry extraordinary power.  Practice Bhakti Yoga in traditional Yoga ashram and experience chanting as a form of Yoga.  


Exploring linguistic enquiry, Intentional journaling in a western historical and therapeutic context. Learn how health journaling can help manage periods, menopause, chronic health conditions or finding your edge.

ALIGNED WITH OUR OWN NATURE: (or Constitution)  Learn how to tailor your lifestyle to suit your constitution. Build a practice that fits your body where is it today and improves your functioning well into your future.


We are all living longer but the quality of our older years depends on how we invest in our health in our 30’s 40’s and 50’s.  


We helping you make informed choices around diet, hormones, detoxification, fitness and longevity. 




We are all travelling on the same ocean… but the reality is some of us have better boats to ride the storm.  Learn to sail through the ocean (life), weather the storm (nature’s cycles) with the vessel (your body) that you are gifted.  We cultivate FLOW in life by riding the wave not paddling up stream.   And by honouring life’s natural cycles.  This retreat offers tools to navigate the storm and keep your vessel in tip-top shape!  


As Yogis, we LIVE lifestyle medicine.


Learn how current science & ancient practices can enhance your health and promote longevity.  

Simple Living: High Thinking

Krishna Village offers a range of accommodation options spread out across the property of ‘New Govardhana’, from creatively renovated container rooms at the centre of the Village, to private pine cabins set in the hills overlooking the valley. 


 This retreat aims to cultivate SIMPLE LIVING, and is not a luxury retreat.  A range of simple but comfortable accomodation is available to suit all budgets including the more well appointed boutique cabins  with single ensuites, Single rooms with shared bathrooms,  shared rooms and camping from just $640 including all meals and courses.  There is also the option to attend the retreat and stay offsite.  See the booking website for all of the accomodation options.


Spread out across a beautiful natural farm setting, some facilities and accommodation require a bit of walking, however you can also drive from your accomodation to the temple, yoga hall and dining areas.  If you have mobility concerns,  please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any specific needs and we will do our best to accommodate them.

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