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Dr Jodie Gillam-Pendergast  (CMBA, AACMA)
AHPRA registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner  & Musculoskeletal Therapist
MApSc (Acupuncture), MApSc (Chinese Herbal Medicine), BHSc (Musculoskeletal Therapy,) Dip Remedial Therapy, Dip Thai Massage, Cert fascial Kinetics (Bowen Therapy), Yoga Acharya, Yoga Siromani,Trauma Yoga (TRE).

Hi I'm Jodie, founder of  The Movement Prescription. Yoga has seen me through dark patches of mental health, soothed my hyper mobile joints and opened my mind to my highest purpose!  My Sanskrit name given to my by my Teacher is "Jyoti" meaning divine light, and that's my purpose; to share the divine light of yoga with you! I have had the privilege to practice & study yoga extensively in Australia and abroad including India, Thailand & Indonesia in very traditional settings that many people would find extremely segregated and inaccessible.  The ability to reach more people online with yoga is a great blessing, however the consumer should be aware. With the majority of new yoga teachers being at least partly if not 100% trained online many yoga practices that are only able to be learned in a traditional setting are being lost. Some methods and techniques are being taught in a manner that is not culturally or contextually appropriate - this can be very disrupting to vulnerable people  who often seek yoga in a therapeutic or healing context. Yoga teachers are not regulated in Australia  and whilst most are ethical, not all are aware that subtle techniques can be very disrupting to those with sensory issues, psychopathology or trauma. Even Trauma aware yoga and mindfulness practices taught by health professionals can be difficult to navigate if the teacher or the student are not prepared. .

As a health practitioner of 20 years, I have observed that when we are unable to do "normal" things like get up and down off the floor the sequale to many chronic health issues begin. That's where we start, right at the foundations that may not look like an impressive yoga asana (pose) and it can be done right where you are reading thins from!


My treatment approach emphasises the maintaining of normal joint mechanics and proprioception in all of my clients, no matter what the condition they present with.  Yoga based movement therapy & neuro-musculoskeletal rehab are the main tools I use to help people renovate their health. I am also an AHPRA registered Dr of Chinese Medicine and work in clinical practice & research and development. 


When we are severely out of balance management of primary and secondary conditions are necessary which often requires the building and management of a health care team that is specific to your needs. Using Traditional and evidence based investigations to help you find the metabolic, functional and sometimes genetic issues that need to be addressed. In such an approach, collaboration with your medical and specialist providers is paramount. I can help you with developing open and transparent communication with all of your health care providers to navigate the often disconnected paths of medical intervention and wellness/prevention. 

Below is a little more about my unique skillset.

"Jyoti is one of Australia’s most extensively trained Sivananda Yoga Teachers.  Schooled in classical yoga in the Gurukula Yoga Vedanta lineage as a Brahmacharini, in Tamil Nadu India, guided by direct disciples of Swami Vishnu Devananda and His Holiness Swami Sivananda Saraswati. 


Swami Sivananda was a skilled Doctor and a Yogi who founded “The Divine Life Society”.  His manifesto was; “Serve Love Give Purify Meditate Realise”.  Jyoti was drawn to his light and continues his work as a Yogi and Complementary Medicine Practitioner dedicated to helping others find their own guiding light and highest purpose through the practice of Yoga and integrative medicine.  


Jyoti is also trained by Dr Ray Long, Orthopaedic Surgeon, founder of Bandha Yoga and Direct disciple of B.K.S Iyengar.  Her teaching methods combine the alignment principles of Bandha Yoga with neuromuscular rehabilitation techniques. She is also a student of Gregor Mahale and integrates his methods with neuromuscular anatomy to teach pranayama and transformative breath work."


For private  consultation:

To book a 1-1 appointment via Telehealth or in clinic please see services at Redlands Coast Complementary Medicine.

Jarryd Foote
MEd, BA (Linguistics & History), Grad Cert Education (Trauma Aware Education),Cert IV Fitness Cert IV Training & Assessment, YA.

Jarryd is a specialist educator & historian, lifelong learner and linguistics nerd. Conversant in 4 languages, Jarryd’s communication skills and talent for storytelling are transcendent yet he strives toward a life of compassion and humility.His gentle nature, along with his professional training, has made him a sought-after educator, teacher and presenter.  Jarryd has 2 decades worth of experience in health and fitness, including leading and presenting yoga trainings and workshops around the country. With a special interest in trauma informed yoga, Jarryd believes that yogic contexts can. offer a welcome space for everyone.


Jarryd was a competitive gymnast before discovering yoga in his life

For private  consultation:


If you are a health professional looking to refer your patient we offer subsidised sessions. Get in touch and we can set up a treatment plan.

Lets fill the gap in continuity of care!

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